Coming up with a title/blog name can be quite challenging.

I mean, I guess a lot of things are challenging, but.. anyways… moving on…

I took a piece of paper and began to jot down words that came to my mind; my mother and sister helped me as well. Tart peaches and fuzzy lemons were the first to come to my mind (funny…).

My first blog, I thought. It has to be an inspiring name- and..tart peaches aren’t inspiring.. haa..actually they aren’t inspiring at all, really.

… The Ditzy chick? no… I’m not thaaat ditzy…. The up and unbecoming? no… and Shits and giggles was taken… couldn’t use that.

While The Tart Peach is no noble prize, it does have a nice meaning.

And here it is…get in the zone. Dun dun duun…

Just imagine this.. You’re walking down a winding path and come across a massive tree full of peaches. You scour the tree looking for the ripest peach. You finally come across one and become so overwhelmingly ecstatic you just bite in to it right away. Your teeth scrape against a hard and unappetizing texture, and in sadness you look at the peach and blame it. “You’re disgusting…” you might add.

But, why blame the peach? You plucked it down at its most vulnerable time. Although it may have looked all well and jolly on the outside with its beautiful orange color, on the inside it was still ripening. You chuck the peach away and continue looking for a new one, completely disregarding the first. So, the tart peach just sits there, uneaten and sad on the orchard floor. The tart peach was forgotten and tossed away, and it sits there to be pecked at by passing birds.

To relate; for so many people, when handed a tart peach, just chuck it away. It didn’t taste good, it had a horrid texture, it had no flavor, you may say. But, you didn’t give it time to develop – you just jumped right in there and took a bite expecting it to be delicious. But, it wasn’t.

Sad, really. People need to go through a little bit of struggle before they can come out a ripened peach–a beautiful peach.

With hardships comes stability and happiness.

Don’t laugh at me – for at the time I wanted to name my blog shits and giggles. It was only through much realization that I came up with this story about the tart peach. I just liked it because it seemed a little bit like an oxymoron…and I do really enjoy peaches (ripe ones, that is).

The Tart Peach has a nice meaning to it- and the story is inspiring… but still a touch comical, right?

I wanted to create this blog to talk about all the things in my life that I find interesting – everything I see and experience; the happy times and the sad. My hope is that this blog will inspire others to go out and do extraordinary things, and have fun with it!

… How about it?


P.s- If you find yourself wanting a peach after reading this- grab a ripe one.

p.p.s- actually, grab a tart peach and describe your unpleasant and uninspiring experience. lol. Bye!

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