My dog, Sonny, always reminds me to be happy. To be happy when you’re pooping, be happy when you’re eating, and to be happy when you’re sleeping.

Sonny is always happy, even when his leg is hurting, even when he hasn’t eaten and even when he hasn’t had the chance to go on a walk. He gets excited when you walk in the door and he seems sad when you leave. Maybe it’s knowing that someone is always there waiting for you to get back or having someone there to smile at you when you return.

His happiness always reminds me to beย happy and thankful, even when life feels very small.

I read something once that said that dogs only live for a short period of time only because their lives need not go on longer- because they lived everyday happy.

Dogs are great. And don’t try to argue that cats are better… I mean. They’re great, too. But, I’m allergic to cats.. So there’s the problem. Cats are smart and spunky, like my old cat Alex. But dogs are man’s best friend, right?

If you love them, they will love you unconditionally. They won’t dislike you because you didn’t say hello, or because you aren’t wearing makeup- they love you for you. Or, maybe they love you because you feed them (probably 89% of the love, hahah) nonetheless, Sonny is truly a great dog.

See you soon,

Much love,




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