Sometimes life can get overwhelming.

In the midst of all the daily routines and nagging parents and grandparents, a person can forget what they’re actually doing. I was walking around the zoo today and literally forgot what I was doing. It was just a cycle; in, out, round-a-bout. I stopped and started to listen to the sounds around me. I heard the murmuring of an air conditioner, the wind blow through the trees and chatter amongst my fellow zoo coworkers and patrons.

I got off early today and decided I wanted to read my friend’s blog which I have been unfortunately neglecting to keep up on. I read her first post and her most recent post; both very inspirational.Β She talked about inspiration and doubt for the future. Her post was awe-inspiring and true; the future is unknown and always will be.

Looking back on it, and reminising, I felt the same way she did when I started my first year of College. I was hopeful for the start of my college career, sure, but I was also so very afraid. I remember my first week there like it was yesterday. (It practically was, actually)

I met an awesome guy named Caleb who shared an equal taste of bashing peoples feelings and making fun of them at the same time. I liked him, I thought. He made me feel more comfortable, and finding out that he lived right down the hall for me excited me even more.

I also vividly remember stuffing my face with Pringles and introducing myself to my neighbor, Audra’s, family. I’m sure she was just stricken by my rapier wit and overwhelming humor… (just kidding). She seemed overwhelmed and I could relate. Even though I didn’t seem upset, I was hurting inside.

I ended up dragging her to see a hypnotist and other various activities that probably strengthened her belief that I was indeed a weirdo. Over the course of the semester, I grew to love Audra and the fact that I could run to her dorm to tell her my day’s many interesting stories.

I also had to deal with a new roommate. Names aside, she was an odd one. My friends can detest that she was indeed a force to be reckoned with. After several moments of pure hatred (lol) and a room move that happened quite quickly, we ended up being the best of friends. So, I guess if I could give one person going to college this fall some wisdom; don’t judge your roommate, future friends and lifestyles because it will all work out in the end… I promise. πŸ˜‰

I learned many a things my first year. I struggled, fought, cried and laughed. College shows many sides of a person..

So with all that lovely inspiration on why YOU should go to college.. I hope you go in with an open mind and an even more open heart.

See you soon,



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