My family.

Families are important and they are especially important around the holidays. We have a designated time (and day even!) to spend quality time together. Meeting with family, enjoying a well-cooked meal and sharing stories that occur throughout the year are all things I look forward to (and the food, of course).

As I have aged, I’ve noticed just how much I have taken for granted. I took the vacations, the breaks, the home cooked meals, the smiles, the snow days and even the fights for granted. I took what my parents did for my sister and I for granted as well. We got the best gifts and were always well cared for. How many times did I thank them as a kid? Not too many. I just opened my presents and complained that Lauren always got better gifts (that I would eventually just steal anyways). I apologize to my parents for not thanking them enough or making their lives a living hell but hey, at least I’m thanking you now. That counts, right?

As a kid, you don’t care about what the world is and what you will become in a decade. My sister and I would enjoy watching the Fairly Odd Parents and nomming on some cookies in milk every morning. Eating cookies and screaming about how much we hate our parents (cue door slam) is really all I cared about at that age.

As I hit the ripe old age of 19 things started to smack me in the face. Life gets real. Your parents can’t call you in sick anymore. They can’t tuck you into bed and hold your hand when things don’t go your way. (Although, my boyfriend Ryan still finds it acceptable to hold hands, haha). They won’t pay for your lunches or (what my mom did) pack them for you. Sure, when you go home over break you’ll beg your mother for gas money or your dad to fix your car. But, we’re all growing up and growing out. They can’t do that for us anymore. We live in dorm rooms or apartments and we make (or buy) our own meals.

What I’m getting at is… being an adult isn’t what I thought it was going to be. Sure, I’m still a teenager but I’ve come to the realization that being independent is difficult (and I’m really not that independent). My mom still pays for my cell phone and health insurance and doctor bills and medications. She pays for my gas and she still loves me. So, I’ll start out by not taking all of that for granted, because one day I’ll be paying for everything.

Until that day comes, let me enjoy what I have left of teenage years and look back on my childhood. When I go home over break, I’m going to try to soak in what all that I have and actually be thankful on thanksgiving (weird, right?). My family will always be there and even though we aren’t all the happiest of people at times, we still get along and love one another.

See you soon!





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