Am I worth a B? How about a B+?

It’s time for grades to come out and while you’re anxiously awaiting that grade card, you start to think of the work you’ve done over the semester. Have you slacked off? Had a couple of rough weeks?

If we were to rate every little thing in class based on cumulative attendance yet neglect the fact that I have been falling asleep on my tablet all class, is that worth an A? Or a B+? I’d say C more likely. Yet, I would get an A.

Why are classes like this? I do nothing one class and get an A. Yet actually try in another class and get a B+.

First off, why is there such a thing as a B+.

A B+ to me is an A- in disguise. Why couldn’t you just fork over the A-. Heck A double minus if you are desperate. It’s basically the difference between eating your hamburger with tomato (to-mat-to) or eating it to tomato (toe-mat-to).

You always hear, “Try again if you fail the first time, and if you fail, try and try again.”

I’ve had many let downs, no’s, no thank you’s and “we’re moving forward with another candidate.”

Even when you get that no, even when you aren’t the best candidate (even though you think you are), and even when you studied for six hours only to get a C, just keep moving. Time will pass anyways. It’s better to have gotten a B+ grade in life than an F, even though you may have deserved an A. If we’re speaking college class wise, you need to keep that GPA up, so, aim for the A always.

While we’re in school, grades matter. But, they don’t define you. Try your hardest, nail that quiz, but look outside the classroom as well- to find opportunities that can’t be graded. (Volunteering, outdoor recreations)

People will always have their own opinions, but what matters is yours. This is really hard for me to grasp because quite frankly, if I know I’ve done a good job, I deserve it. But, sometimes you need a little smack in the face to get your blood pumping.

So. B+ or A- you’re still worth an A.




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