Dear Adventure-Enthusiast,

It’s summer 2014! There are a lot of fun events in Columbus that I haven’t done and would like to do this summer! If any of these interest you, tell me! Because they interest me and I would be down to have a partner (unless you’re a serial killer. I’m not down with that). The only requirements I have are that I 1.) Know you 2.) You live relatively close to where these events are happening and 3.) You like to have fun.

1. Columbus Food Adventures. I would either like to go on the Dessert tour, the Coffee tour or the Food Truck tour. Found here:

2. I’d like to go on a run. A 5k. Found here:

3. I’d LOVE to go canoeing or kayaking. I have never been, and if you want to…I’d love you. Do you know of any canoeing/kayaking joints? Alum Creek?

4. I want to take a pottery class. They have open wheel friday/saturdays. Lowest price is 40$. It would be exciting. The information can be found here:

5. I just recently bought a recurve archery bow and would love to go shooting with someone (at a range, or course. Not at a deer…hehe) I’ve been to this range.. it was pretty niffty.

6. Volunteer. I would like to volunteer at an animal shelter. Or, I would love to volunteer anywhere outside.. If you have any ideas, throw em’ at me. I have a couple, too.

7. There is a FOOD TRUCK FESTIVAL! Ah. It’s on August 15th. Who wouldn’t love some good ol’ food trucks… (Aunt Cathy?)

8. I want to go biking. Perhaps on those C-bus bikes? I’m also thinking about just getting a bike…So if you want to go bike shopping with me.. awesome.

9. Please tell me you want to go ziplining…

10. The Columbus “Fashion Meets Music Festival” sounds like a total blast. “Fashion Meets Music Festival,” is the nation’s largest and most provocative music and fashion event, fusing two complementary art forms as one entertainment platform. Yay. It’s on August 29th.

11. The Franklin Park Conservatory has really cool classes you can take.. like this one. Fun, no?

12. There is a Union County Airport AirFest which involves the take off of over 30+ hot air balloons. It’s the weekend of August 14th-16th. Cool, right? Or should I say… hot.

13. Two words. Tomato. Festival. There is a Reynoldsburg tomato festival. I love tomatoes. August 16th/17th. Yay.

..So, that’s the end of my summer to-do letter. If you’d like to join me, are already planning on going or have any other fabulous ideas.. please let me know. You can comment or message me. With the deepest of sincerity and LETS DO THIS,


P.s- I’ve attached a little contact form if you really do want to contact me to go!

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