So, after many years of living in London, OH and after being away from it for awhile I started to look back on what I used to be worried about around town. For those of you reading who lived either very far from London or right next door, London is a small town about 40 minutes west of Columbus, Ohio.

Flashback. I get to thinking…

1. Should I actually look decent to go to WalMart? …Nah. Where’s my crocs?

2. Hopefully I don’t run into anyone I know…Just kidding. I always do.

3. When’s the Strawberry Festival? I’ll need to avoid that. Or I can go. Are there any strawberries there? (spoiler alert: no)

4. Madison County State Fair. I repeat; fair. I’ll literally see the entire town. But, fries.

5. What should I grab to eat for dinner? Well, I have three options. Los Mariachis for Mexican, Ronetti’s for Pizza and Rothwell’s for American. Or Bob Evans. Or a doughnut. Or more pizza.

6. Speaking of Bob Evans, Bacon Cheddar Potato soup please. Yay. I wonder if my friends are working there today…

7. I guess I can just walk through my backyard to get to Wendy’s..

8. Lets go shop! At our only shopping store! Peebles!

8.5. Or I could trek cross-country to get to the nearest mall. But that would almost guarantee I’d have to buy something. Nah.

9. Or there’s Kmart.. just kidding. It’s closed down. For good.

9.5. How many rent-a-center’s do we really need?

10. Maybe I could just go walk around Kroger.

11.When’s the next High School musical?

12. Look, there’s my teacher from school! Hey!

13. No, for the millionth time, not London, England. Although, that would be cool.

14. Let’s go to the only ice cream shop in town. Cappuccino crunch anyone? Or we could just go to Kroger to grab a pint of Graeters and eat it out of the tub. That sounds nice.

15. I can’t wait to get out of London.

16. Why am I still in London?

17. I wonder what people in London are doing.

Okay, so maybe only a few people thought about these things. Okay, maybe only I thought about these things. Never-the-less, they were quite the thoughts.

Thank you, London. Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Things Everyone Thinks About While Living In London, Ohio

  1. In regards to #3, the Strawberry Festival always starts the Thursday after Father’s Day. And, YES, there are strawberries. This year there was strawberry shortcake, pints of locally grown strawberries, strawberry bread, strawberry hot sauce and strawberry mustard for sale at the official strawberry tent. Also, every food vendor is required to have at least one strawberry item.

    1. Jen,
      Thank you for letting me know! I didn’t realize there was an official strawberry tent and I was unaware that each vendor had to have at least one strawberry item. Thank you for the information!

  2. I came to London ( Ohio ) 48 years ago from Calif., raised my children here, moved away for 20 years and moved back !!! London, as with most small towns…..are as you stated above and that is exactly what you get …..and I will take London ( Ohio ) over Columbus, Atlanta, L.A., Tampa, Washington DC, Savannah, well maybe not Savannah…the list goes on and I have been to all of them. If you are between the ages of 18 and 35, move away, see the world…and then if you crave going to Kroger where everyone knows your name, come home !!!

    1. Thank you for the comment! I agree that at some point, people in small towns should go out and “see the world”. But, it’s also important to remember where you came from. Thank you and hope you’re well!

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