Sloths are medium-sized mammals who are well known for being “slow-moving”. Literally, they move super slow. They eat mainly leaves but their creepy smiles suggest they eat the souls of humans. A couple of things make them very interesting; they have fur that grows in the opposite direction of most other mammals, are three toed, and they mostly sleep, eat and birth hanging from trees. They also sleep for 10+ hours a day. But, don’t fret, they can swim to get you.

Let us look at 10 pictures of these majestic beasts.


1. Look at this happy little guy. I can’t tell if he wants to hug or eat me. His little teeth say I’m a missing character from Star Wars but his eyes say come and get me.


2. He may be staring off-center, but this fellow has his eye on you. He looks like he may be thinking about the fun times you will have together. His smile is endearing, no?


3. Unhappy and wet. He isn’t having any of this shit.


4. “I just ate all of your leftover cake from the fridge. I also ate your dog. You’re welcome”


5. “What’s goin’ on over there?” .. “The back of your head is ridiculous”


6. He strikes me as an intelligent, self-motivated sloth who enjoys self grooming. This photo says “I love what I did with my hair today”

1363293346_Brown-Throated Three-Toed Sloth, Panama

7. The baby sloth is saying… “Yeah. She’s my mom. Mine.”


8. This guy… I just can’t. Look at him.


9. He’s on the hunt for his next victim … and I’m not talking about leaves.


10. Lastly, a snugly creepy looking sloth. He looks all warm and fuzzy. He also looks like a furry tiny faced child.

So, as you can see, these pictures of sloths DO make you wonder. I wonder what they’re like in real life. I wonder if they would smile at me if I came close. I wonder if they’re just at creepy as they look. All jokes aside, I have yet to meet a real sloth so I can’t judge too hard.

Love, Jordan

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