The one, the only, the love of my life … for the time being. You can call her baby blue.


She is my new friend and companion- the wind beneath my wings, my partner in crime. She’s my bike.

I recently decided I wanted a bike, and if you know me, I go through all of these interesting phases of liking/wanting to do things. This summer, it was my goal to go biking or get my very own bike. I’ve been looking around since the beginning of June for a new bike, and I finally picked one up at the Roll: in Bexley, Ohio. Shout out to the cool dudes working there who helped me pick this beaut. This bike is called the Alight by Liv made by Giant. It’s the female version of Giant bikes. While bikes can be quite pricey (with some of the best up around the $1,500 range) mine was relatively inexpensive and light as a feather. It’s made out of all aluminum and has several gears. I bought a bike lock and a bike rack all for around $80 dollars as well.

I found an iPhone app called MapMyRide and decided that I wanted to track my mileage and so far, I’ve been doing well! It tracks your kCalories, highest speed, elevation and distance (or course). It’s free and its cheaper than any activity band (which I’ve had as well). It also tracks running, walking, etc. I had the activity tracker “MisFit Shine” but ended up returning it because it wasn’t as comprehensive as I’d like. This app is free and does all of the same things an $100 activity tracker can do.


If you don’t like bikes, don’t have a bike or just plain hate them, I still suggest you ride one. You can go to the bike store Roll: and go test drive some bikes. I’ll most likely guarantee that you’ll go in there and have some fun. I did! And I ended up buying one.

After you buy your bike, or rent one (you can do that!), next step is to ride that bad boy. If you’re looking to go riding, there are several bike trails around Columbus that you can ride on. I live in Westerville and I think it is so fun to just hop on your bike and go with no real ending spot. Westerville has fabulous trails.

The Summer is also a really great time to go bike riding and there are a lot of cool bike races/rides to take part in. Pelotonia is a HUGE event that is coming up soon, but there is also events like the 27th Ride the Darby, night bicycle rides and much more. Check out this event calender;

I am super excited about my bike and while I may look dorky riding with my helmet, I’m safe and off to go for many adventures. I hope this post inspired you to maybe go test try a bike or go dust off your old one. Riding is fun, full of exercise, cool to talk about and easy to park/get places. I live in Bexley, Ohio and if one thing is for sure, parking is the enemy at my University. Riding a bike from where I live on campus to where I need to go… a no-brainer. Side note: Make sure to take the serial number off of the frame and get your bike registered by the local police. It helps them locate it if it ever gets lost or stolen. Hope that helps!

Much love,


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