As a student at Capital University, I have had my fair share of dining at our “Main Dining Room,” “Mezz” and “Cru Club.”

Like most College or University Students, we have our unhappy food-happenings around campus. Today, mine happened to be centered around Capital’s food decisions; be them good, or bad. And now, here are my thoughts as follows;

(Disclaimer: these are purely my personal thoughts and should in no way demean any food services on campus.)

1. I hope I don’t smell like the Cru Club after I leave.          (Smells hair: end up smelling like Cru Club)

1.5. I hope I don’t smell like the MDR after I leave.

2. If the Cru Club line is long, I am going to be so. pissed.

2.5. I. am. so. pissed. But, I am TOTALLY going to stand in this HOUR long line to wait an hour for my food to complain some more about how I am so pissed.

2.6. Anddddd, I’m going to wait and eat it anyway. Plus, I didn’t have much of a choice considering there is only two eating establishments open past 7pm. But, I’m not complaining. Not complaining at all. Nope.

3. Why are there only two people working in the Mezz right now?

4. Why can’t the MDR serve cookies at Dinner? Does it always have to be a lunch thing?

5. If I’m eating at the MDR alone today, I better eat in the corner by myself. Next to the T.V.

6. NOOOOOOO… Where are the little mini-corns at Mongo Bongo? 😦

7. If we’re talking vegetables.. you want cooked vegetables? The green beans are never cooked. Want zucchini? Best have it soggy and lukewarm. MmMm.

8. The pizza is always a go to. How can you screw pizza up, right? (I’ve never had a bad slice)

9. Why isn’t there any chocolate milk? ……just when I needed it the most……

10. You call that one serving of tator tots? Come on, man. I thought we bonded.

11. Remember that one time they played music in the MDR? That was cool.

12. Lets all eat outside! And sit in the most uncomfortable chairs that don’t move and have our plates and drinks struggle to stay in place! Also, the wind will probably be unbearable! Yay!

13. Why must the peanut butter always be the condiment right next to the Panini press… why not the honey mustard.. why…

14. Why are the plates a darker hue than most colors should be?

15. Holidays at the MDR. Are. the. best. Pumpkin pie? Rolls? Heaven.

16.Why…..why do I have to rush to get up at 11am on my Sleep-in Saturdays because the MDR closes at 1:30pm….. because if I sleep in, I don’t get food. But, that’s fine. I’ll starve. Bye.

17. MDR food is cold. The Mezz’s food is soaked in oil and the Cru Club’s food tastes like straight up grease.

18. But, I have to eat it. I pay for it.

So….MDR tomorrow, anyone? 🙂

Have you ever had the same thoughts? hehe..



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