Today, as I was sitting on my bed browsing through Facebook, I realized something; brown bears.

I love them.

And, it’s not just any type of love. I want to snuggle, huggle and wuggle them, and, possibly have their cubs. (I mean, if that was physically or ethically possible but, it’s not). I’ve been pondering the idea of having a spirit animal, and I think this animal fits the mold for me.

So, as my good vibes for the week, I will leave you with these beautiful photos of my favorite animal. And, side note, these pictures made me laugh pretttyyyy hard. I also know that they’re pretty fierce predators… but, come on. Aw.

Religious grizzly bear says its prayers








This gal.. she’s sad to say bye. But, she knows it’s time for you to go.

And, while all of these are not mine and were taken from the internet; I snapped this one from the Columbus Zoo with my own two paws.


I hope brown bears make you smile. πŸ˜€ And, now you know my one true love (and spirit animal).



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