For my weekly blog post, I will be implementing the theme “Super Adventure Saturday” (SAS) in which I will blog about the cool happenings of my Saturday.

As my first SAS, I want to go back in blogging-time to June of this year.

This summer I posted an “Open Letter to Everyone about Summer” in which I asked people (adventure-enthusiasts) if they would join me in completing my summer bucket list. Found here:

While I didn’t complete all the things on my list, I did complete a few that made my Summer.

1. Columbus Food Adventures. I didn’t go during the Summer…but I am going this November. My Aunt Cathy and I are participating in the Breakfast Tour (and I’m super pumped).

2. Canoeing or kayaking.  I had the ultimate pleasure of going canoeing with my good friend Jennifer St. John and her two adorable children. We went to Mohican Adventures in Loudonville on a perfect day.



3. Volunteering. While I didn’t volunteer during the summer, I am volunteering in a couple weeks for WOSU public media (pledge-a-thon!) If you want to volunteer with me/help out I believe they’re still looking for volunteers.

4. Food Truck Festival. I went to this with my Aunt Cathy and we ate a. bunch. of food. It was yummy- but it was also packed. I would recommend going next year if you have the chance. The lines are long, but the food is worth it.

5. Biking/Bike Shopping. I BOUGHT A BIKE! And I wrote a whole blog post on it.. here…  It was a really great purchase for the summer and I bike to school and for leisure.                                             IMG_8706


Next weekend I will be posting something more Super Adventure-y that will be worthy of a Saturday (SASsy) post.

See you on the flip side! -Jor

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