This SAS was full of Breakfast food. Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec would be happy with me.

If you can think back, I wanted to go on a Columbus Food Adventure Tour for one of my summer bucket list items. I never went 😦 So I called up my Aunt Cathy and we had a little talk about a one “Breakfast Tour”. It just so happened to fall on one of my SAS, so I was super happy. 😀

Originally, it was just my Aunt Cathy and I. That grew to my little sister, Lauren, and my other Aunt, Carolyn. In no time, we were stuffing our faces with some of the best breakfast food Columbus has to offer.

The tour was $55, but that included transportation to the each venue, the tour guide who showed us around, and the food- of course. His name was Nick, a famous breakfast blogger here in Columbus. His website is

He was a cool dude. In short, I enjoyed the tour and got a chance to eat a variety of foods at a variety of places on a cold Saturday morning. Check out the yummy pictures!


This is the itinerary for the Breakfast tour.


Here is my lovely Aunt Cathy!


My little sister Lauren and I.


Aunt Carolyn!


Here is the first restaurant we visited. It’s called Ethyl & Tank. It’s located on 19 E. 13th Ave in Downtown Columbus (OSU campus).


They had a Bloody Mary bar where you could make your own Bloody Mary’s. (Mine was virgin, of course, because I ammm only 20 😉


I was so hungry I practically inhaled this meal. It was chicken and waffles, and pulled pork pancakes. Sound weird? It was freaking delicious. Covered in syrup, it was literally. awesome.


Next stop was Buckeye Donuts (which I’ve never had). We had the chance to go back to the kitchen to peek into the donut making process. The donuts were yummy.. and, I had the original buckeye donut, of course 🙂 This is also on OSU’s campus.

IMG_0311 IMG_0306-1IMG_0307 FullSizeRender-10FullSizeRender-17oFullSizeRender-21

Our third stop was Cuco’s Taqueria on Henderson Road. We had Chilaquiles Mexicanos and a well known Mexican-like sausage and biscuit. At this point, I was so full I was probably in a food coma.


Our fourth stop was Jack & Benny’s Barnstormer Diner at the OSU Airport. It was a hidden little gem. We had the “Gut-buster” and a peanut butter and chocolate chip pancake. It was very delicious. The other pictures are of the OSU Airport’s old observation deck. You can get your food “to-go” and sneak up there to watch the planes take off and land while stuffing your face. Pretty cool, right?

FullSizeRender-22FullSizeRender-30FullSizeRender-25    FullSizeRender-27

Our LAST stop was Auddino’s Bakery & Cafe in Hilliard. They’re famous for their “Doughssant” (a croissant and doughnut mix). They also served us a sausage, egg and biscuit croissant.. which, ugh, was also delicious.

FullSizeRender-24        ‘

And, that includes my very fattening SAS with my two aunts and little sister. It was YUMMY. is where you can find many other tours that may suit your fancy (and your pants).

How was your SAS? 🙂


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