Hi, my peaches!

This SAS I got to try my taste buds on Bexley’s new Zoë cafe. Their known for their “life cuisine”. My initial impression was a good one. I really like the atmosphere, it was very modern and open.

You look at the menu right when you walk in the door, order at the register and seat yourself. I thought this was really fast and convenient. I ordered the breakfast burrito with seasoned potatoes, a warm cup o’ joe and a fruit platter. We ordered around 12 noon on Saturday and got our food at 12:20pm (soooo, we didn’t wait too long at all).


The coffee was really very good and they had cute mugs with their logo on it.


Their website to check out their food is here…. http://zoecafecols.com/ … nom nom

After brunch, I went back to my home in Westerville and snuggled with my cats, watched some Korean drama, and bullied my little sister into making me some tea (she didn’t mind 😉 )

Here is Jupiter! JupJup. And yup. He’s in the tub. Weirdo.


My friend Eddie and I also decided we wanted to snap a photo and enter it into Instagram’s weekly weekend hashtag project. They come up with a new hashtag every weekend, a premise for people to follow, and people snap a pic and hashtag it.

This weekend it was #WHPoutofplace. We decided to take a little piggy bank, Henrietta, and stick her between some shoes. Seems.. out of place, right?

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

As we hope it wins, it’s up against all of Instagram so our chances a skimmy skimmy.


Last, but certainly not least, my wonderful roommate Maura got me my very first vinyl and it was one of my favorite bands, The 1975. I honestly JAM out to them hard. core. Their vinyl is completely clear and I think that in itself is totally rad. If you haven’t listened to The 1975.. listen to The City, Robbers, Chocolate or Pressure by them.

Hope you had a SASsy weekend… How was your SAS?

Love, JP

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