Recently, Ohio has been shutting down schools because of “extreme cold.” If you couldn’t guess, it’s extremely cold. The high today was 8 degrees with a low of -10 (without factoring in the wind chill).

While snow days are a thing, cold days are the new “in”. At College, I’ve learned a little bit about collegiate mentality and the famed “snow/cold day.”

Here are five things I’ve learned from snow days and college kids.

1. We will focus all our attention on having a snow day.

“I will wear my pajamas inside out. I will wish and pray and wish and pray.”

“I will check the weather station, talk to as many people as possible about such potential snow day and forget everything else.”

“Eat? I can’t. I’m thinking about how we might have a snow day tomorrow.”

“Talk? Only if it’s about snow. Or cold. Or snow and the cold.”

2. We will not do our homework.

“Well, there may be a snow day tomorrow. So let’s just not study for that quiz, write that 10 page paper or move from the couch. Ya, good plan.”

“It’s 1 a.m. They have to call off school, right? I still haven’t done my homework.”

“Homework? What homework? Snow day, man”

“Test? Snow day.”

3. We will convince ourselves that we will have a snow day.

“No, it’s just way too cold outside. Like, how can they make us go to class when its -20?”

“I will fall. What if I fall? I’ll sue”

“All the other schools are closed around us. Like, literally every school. Why aren’t we closed?”

“We have to have a snow day. They can’t expect us to function in such cold. It’s too cold. cold. cold cold. cold cold cold. Too much of it. No.”

“I will be so pissed when we don’t have a snow day. How could they.”

4. Denial will eventually set in, and we will convince ourselves it probably won’t happen.

“It’s not going to happen. Our university doesn’t do that kind of stuff. They like to see us suffer.”

“Why do I go here?”

“I’m going to haveee to do my homework.. I’ll just wake up early and do it, I guess”

“It’s going to be so cold. I’ll just scream and cry about it on my way to class. I’ll complain to everyone I see.”

“My tears will probably be frozen but people will know of my true unhappiness.”

“I’m pissed.”

Run to Facebook…. “How could they do this to us. No alert yet? WHY. WHY US.”

5. Oh, but when it does happen, we rejoice. No, seriously.

College student: checks phone at all hours of the night. Dreams about having snow day. Wakes up: one message. Swipe right. There she is.. the alert. NO SCHOOL.

**Run to any and all social media**




-College students

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