Hi, peaches!

I have three words for you… Penix in Paris.

Well, I’ll be in and around France and Spain (AH!). How have you been? I haven’t posted in a while annndddddd I’m sorry about that. My b. My Saturdays’ (SAS’s) have been crazy but I haven’t had the chance to pull out my camera and snap pics for The Tart Peach (I’m sorry, Xander). I DO, however, have some cool news.

I’m LEAVING FOR EUROPE IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS. (cue excited but nervous screaming).

I’ve wanted to go abroad for a long time now and found the opportunity through EF College Tours to take a 12 day, all inclusive, trip to Paris, Provence, Barcelona and Madrid.

I plan on blogging/journaling and taking LOTS of pictures. Penix in Paris…am I right?

I leave May 11th! I’ll be traveling with three awesome girls, Shawntel and Megan (Capital students) and our Capital tour guide, Holly. We’re going with a couple other universities as well, so we won’t just be ridin’ solo.

Our itinerary is JAM PACKED and I’m excited. Here is what it looks like;

  • Day 1, May 11: Fly overnight to France
  • Day 2: Paris
    • Arrive in Paris
    • Take a walking tour of Paris
      • Latin Quarter
    • Visit Notre Dame Cathedral
    • Enjoy dinner in the Latin Quarter
  • Day 3: Paris
    • Take a guided tour of Paris
      • Place de la Concorde
      • Champs-Élysées
      • Arc de Triomphe
      • Eiffel Tower
      • Les Invalides
    • Visit the Louvre
  • Day 4: Paris
  • Versailles
  • Day 5: Avignon
    • Travel by TGV train to Avignon
    • Take a tour of Avignon
    • Visit the Palais des Papes
  • Day 6: Nimes
    • Take an excursion to Nimes
    • Visit the Nîmes Ampitheater
    • Visit Pont du Gard
      • Mémoires de Garrigue
  • Day 7: Carcassonne + Barcelona
    • Travel to Carcassonne
    • Take a tour of Carcassonne
    • Continue to Barcelona
  • Day 8: Barcelona
    • Take a guided tour of Barcelona
      • La Sagrada Familia
      • Montjuïc Hill
      • Barrio Gótico
      • Barcelona Cathedral
    • Visit Parque Güell
    • Barcelona Flamenco Evening
  • Day 9: Barcelona
    • Enjoy free time in Barcelona
    • Dalí Museum in Figueres
  • Day 10: Madrid
    • Travel by AVE train to Madrid
    • Take a walking tour of Madrid
    • Visit the Prado
  • Day 11: Madrid
    • Take a guided tour of Madrid
      • Plaza Mayor
      • Puerta del Sol
    • Visit the Royal Palace
    • Toledo
  • Day 12: Depart for home

OKAY! That’s what I’ll be doing. I’m pumped. PIPin.. (Penix In Paris’n)

Then, after that trip, I have some other BIG and exciting news to tell you about. Stay tuned.

Love, JP

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