Hi, peaches!

Before I leave abroad, I thought I would give you some cool shops to go visit here in Columbus.

This week, I’ve visited four new coffee shops around Columbus; some I LOVED and some, I maybe sort of kind of didn’t (oops). I’ll rate the shops on a 5 scale to give you an idea of my like.

The first one my sister, my boyfriend David and I went to. It was called Heavenly Cup in Westerville. It’s a fairly small spot, with only a couple of tables and chairs to sit at. The woman behind the counter wasn’t overly kind, so that put a small damper on things (aw).

At each table, they provide you with board games like Connect 4, Scrabble and cards. We ended up playing Bullshit (the card game, of course) and Go Fish. I got a Mocha Coffee and it was warm, and.. well, mocha-ey. It was good! I would go there again. 4.



The next shop David and I went to was Roosevelt Coffeehouse that just opened less than a month ago! To be honest, David and I felt a little judged walking in there. It’s in the Discovery District Downtown. We probably searched for the door to the shop for 3 minutes; it wasn’t clearly marked. It also looks to be attached to a huge meeting/gathering space, but that didn’t disrupt our coffee drinking experience. I got an Iced Coffee Mocha and David got an Iced Coffee. My drink tasted like a Chocolate Milk.. I really, really liked it.

The atmosphere was very open, with high ceilings and very bright lighting. We sat next to these HUGE windows that looked out to the street; that was very pretty. I wish the walls were a little warmer, though, because it did seem like we were sitting in an Airport or a Doctor’s Office.

While I haven’t read a lot about the shop, I did see that they work to help those in need; working towards Clean Water, Hunger and Human Trafficking. You can read more here if you’re interested… http://www.rooseveltcoffee.org/

I would give the shop a 2.5.. I’m not sure if I would go out of my way again to visit, although I did like the coffee.





The next shop we visited was Boston Stoker on Lane Avenue Downtown. David and I really liked this shop; the staff was friendly, the atmosphere was warm and the coffee was great. We ended up spending almost an hour sitting on the couch. David and I both had an Iced Latte which we would SUPER recommend if you go there, warm or hot. My friend, Eddie, actually introduced me to the shop, so I would be remiss if I didn’t say that… haha πŸ˜‰ I would give the shop a 5. I really, really liked it. The iced latte was yum. Go.





Our last stop was One Line Coffee Shop in the Short North. I really enjoyed their coffee and the atmosphere was open and friendly. You’re likely to see One Line coffee in Bakery’s around Columbus, like Cherbourg Bakery in Bexley. One Line opened July of 2009 and are known for their “direct source” coffee, buying coffee beans from farmers they know and trust.

You can read more on their website, http://www.onelinecoffee.com/

I got an Iced Latte and I enjoyed it! I would give the shop a 4. Nice people, good location, good coffee.



Also, you can get a “Coffee Passport” at either One Line, Roosevelt or Boston Stoker and go on your own little coffee tour. The passport, which I may have mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, has 8 different coffee shops you can visit and each place will stamp your card. The goal is to get enough stamps to win a free coffee t-shirt in the end.

Alright! Go get some coffee.

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