Bonjour, Peaches!

I JUST got back from a 12 day trip to France and Spain (phew) put on by EF Study Tours. I had a wonderful (emphasis on wonderful) time; while I was there, I kept a Journal that I wrote in each night to help keep the days straight.

This blog post is a set of four blog posts titled “Journals From…” geared to give you a little taste of my time in Europe. Some information in the post below was taken from my real-life diary.


Dear Diary,

05/13/15 Day One

Today is my first day in Paris. I’m sleep deprived and didn’t sleep at all on the 8 hour flight over, but we have a full day ahead of us.

We landed in Paris at 8 a.m. and I went directly to the restroom. Each bathroom stall had its own light and was super fancy. I guess I decided to leave mine off.


I thought the colors of the bathroom were pretty rad, too.


Walking down the streets of Paris is amazing. Everything is so opulent and beautiful- white limestone. The way they speak is so romantic; it’s like every word has a purpose.

We visited the Notre Dame Cathedral, the small garden beside it and the bell tower.




The garden was magnificent, too. The people all looked so in love. Maybe they were in love with each other or maybe the city; either way, they looked like they were filled with immense happiness.



The view from the top was also magnificent. We climbed step upon steps to get to the tippy top, from which views from all around the city could be seen. I say 8 Euros well spent for this sight.







Paris is a beautiful city.


05/13/15, Day Two

Dear Diary,

I woke up after 10 beautiful hours of (much needed) sleep. I’m feeling well rested. Jet lag is real, though. Really.

Today I learned that I really enjoy saying “Bonjoir” or “Bonsoir” to people and having them automatically and instinctively reply back “Bonjour, madame” or “Bonsoir, madame.” I don’t know, it’s something that I’m not used to. I love it. I guess I’m feeling a little more French than usual 😉

We also went on a 3 hour guided tour of the city, where we learned a bunch of cool facts about the history of the city. We stopped and looked at where Napoleon died (now where some victims of war live the rest of their lives) and the Eiffel Tower.



Seeing the tower from a far and up close is so neat. By day the tower is amazing, but by night it’s even more spectacular. The light show at 10 p.m. is definitely a must see.









Then, by night..

IMG_6356 IMG_6359IMG_6357

We also visited the Louvre, which was WAY WAY WAY larger than I ever imagined. The glass structured triangle is just one of the entrances to the museum, with the buildings surrounding it housing all the art.. and I mean A LOT of art. You’d have to spend every day there for 2 months to see each work.

IMG_6296 IMG_6269 IMG_6285 IMG_6300 IMG_6249IMG_6273 IMG_6252  IMG_6305

I still think Paris is amazing.


05/14/15, Day Three

Today was the day we visited Versailles Palace!

But, in the morning we visited the Catacombes. We arrived at 8am when it opens at 10 a.m. usually. We were the first ones in line, definitely. It cost 10 Euros. I thought historically it was very interesting to see, but it was creepy, overall. Lots and lots (emphasis on lots) of bones. Lots.

IMG_6388 IMG_6375 IMG_6374

On the flip side, Versailles was AMAZING! I have never seen something built with such talent; it is so well designed that I remained wide-eyed and in awe.

IMG_6501 IMG_6489 IMG_6459 IMG_6487 IMG_6516 IMG_6478 IMG_6490 IMG_6431 IMG_6425 IMG_6477 IMG_6460 IMG_6468 IMG_6497 IMG_6508 IMG_6523

Tomorrow we travel to Avignon, France, to visit a walled city and explore.


Paris in three days. Provence in two. Barcelona in three and Madrid in two.

Stay tuned for the following journal entries and a look into other spectacular cities.

Up next: Journals From Provence.

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