Journals From Barcelona: the 3rd blog post from Europe in Barcelona, Spain.

This blog post is a set of four blog posts titled “Journals From…” geared to give you a little taste of my time in Europe. Some information in the post below was taken from my real-life diary.

The second post can be found here;


05/18/15, Monday

Dear Diary,

Today we did so much in Barcelona. As I write this, I’m proud to say my tan is on point now…(hehe). Well, at least for my upper half, anyway.

We started out with breakfast and a guided tour of Barcelona. During this tour, we had the chance to see some of the famed artist’s Gaudi’s unbelievable architectural works.

One of them was Park Guell… one of the most (not exaggerating) stunning places I’ve ever visited. Built to be a small community, Park Guell is nature in architecture. That was his goal, after all.

IMG_6802 IMG_6800 IMG_6835 IMG_6820 IMG_6828 IMG_6819 IMG_6799 IMG_6795 IMG_6834 IMG_6801

The serpent bench within the park was magnificent and the view from the top was amazing. The bench is the longest in the world and is the most ergo-dynamic.. built to fit the body and the arch of the back. To be honest, it was the most comfortable bench I’ve ever sat on.

IMG_6927 IMG_6843 IMG_6839 IMG_6845 IMG_6806 IMG_6847 IMG_6815 IMG_6805 IMG_6854 IMG_6841 IMG_6813 IMG_6817

You can see how the bench can be comfortable; the curved line in the middle fits the arch of your back and the little circular blobs massages your booty 😉 Also, I caught this bird mid-flight and I think this is a dope photo. Whaaaaaaa.


We also had the chance to visit the Sagrada Familia, to which my mouth dropped to the floor as we passed. It’s only partially finished; its expected completion date isn’t for another 11 years in 2026. At that point, it will have taken 100 years in total to complete.

IMG_6870 IMG_6873 IMG_6867 IMG_6861 IMG_6869

After the tour in the morning, we had Paella for lunch and then took a train to the city of Sitges just off the coast of Barcelona.


Sitges was a quaint little town away from the hustle and bustle of the city.. where, that tan came from I had mentioned earlier 😉 I got to swim in the Mediterranean (super salty, btw).

IMG_6898 IMG_6929 IMG_6918 IMG_6901 IMG_6904 IMG_6895 IMG_6907 IMG_6912 IMG_6896 IMG_6913 IMG_6905 IMG_6902

For dinner we had tapas and sangria (nom) in Sitges. The weather was just perfect and, not that it matters buuuttt if you’re wondering, it WAS a topless beach and was my first ever visiting one.

IMG_6924 IMG_6923

After a long, sandy train ride back to Barcelona, we called it a night and waited for another full day.


05/19/15, Tuesday

Today was one of my favorite days. We went to the markets in Barcelona and shopped around. It was rainy, though, so the weather wasn’t on our side.

IMG_6940 IMG_6936 IMG_6939 IMG_6935 IMG_6945 IMG_6941 IMG_6942 IMG_6943

After we shopped at the food markets, we had lunch at a restaurant called Piscolabis and we had tapas as a group (LOTS of seafood, hehe).

After that, I ran over to the Picasso museum.. and let. me. tell. you… it was awesome.


We got to see some of Picasso’s earliest works through his Blue Period. And, as an extra special exhibit, we got to see the contrast between the work of Salvador Dali and Picasso.

Admission was free for University students but I bought a lot of souvenirs … 😉

After that I went and enjoyed lasagna and a mojito with some friends in downtown Barcelona. We talked about life, love and family.


We took the subway home and when we got back to the hotel a nice couple sat and shared a Magnum chocolate ice cream bar with me to which I am truly grateful for. It was THE BEST ice cream.. and can be purchased in the states too, actually.. hehe.

Today was our last day in Barcelona.. I really, super enjoyed myself. Adios, Barcelona! On to Madrid…


Up next: … and, last but not least, is the last post, “Journals from Madrid..”

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