Holaaaa, everyone!

This past weekend I had the opportunity to be a small part of a large hair and beauty show in Columbus (thanks to my awesome aunt πŸ˜‰ ). I was a hair model for an Australian company called Evo. It was a three day long convention, full of big hair and big personalities.

What I saw … minimal makeup, bold lips, undercut hair, straight across bang/fringe. AND, THE 70s ARE BACK, BABY!

Convention Day One

I met hair stylist/personality of Evo, Anthony Edge, who trimmed my hair. Gloria, his girlfriend, toned and styled it. We also had a rehearsal at the main stage.. we practiced our walks!

IMG_9061-1 IMG_9071

Day Two

Early morning that led to a make-up session and hair seminar. They dressed me, too!

IMG_9111 IMG_9112 IMG_9079-2 IMG_9078-1 IMG_9080-1Β  IMG_9113 IMG_9158

Day Three

Runway show! We had the chance to strut our stuff on the runway. Baggy womens’ clothes are in.. and.. don’t forget huge statement pieces and SOCKS!!

IMG_9123 IMG_9120 FullSizeRender-4 IMG_9130 IMG_9132IMG_9135FullSizeRender-6FullSizeRender-5IMG_9149IMG_9139IMG_9136

So, what did I see?

Undercuts and fringe. Find them at your nearest salon. Style minimally… enjoy simplicity.Β  The 70s are back, dudes. Groovy.

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