My journey on the train to hairdo village has been a long one.

Perhaps it will be one that will continue until I’m 95 and dead. But, even then, I’m sure I’ll have pink hair. After all, it’s just hair… right? It’ll grow back.

Speaking of pink hair… I did it. I crossed over to the pink side (no pun intended (YAY STAR WARS)).

I thought on reflection I should look back on all of my “what-the-actual-hell” haircuts. From super long and curly to my now current pink and straightish style.

Which do you prefer?

This was my hair in 2011.

IMG_3797 IMG_2397 IMG_0425 IMG_1793 IMG_2384

Then, I cut it. (2012)

IMG_5274 IMG_5253 IMG_4357

And I chopped at it some more… (2013)

IMG_6392 IMG_5686 IMG_6213

I dyed it dark brown…

IMG_7171 IMG_6691

I dyed it blonde! (poor hair, right?) (2014)

IMG_0715 IMG_7647

I grew it out… (I like this angle?)

IMG_9827 IMG_8723

I put a little lavender in…













Grew it out some more… (2015)
















Chopped it and GREW IT OUT and then CHOPPED IT and GREW IT OUT. WEEEEE…Pattern? Maybe.

IMG_5319 IMG_7214

IMG_8595 IMG_7374

Took better quality pictures of it…

IMG_9728 IMG_9729

AND THEN shaved it… (getting a bit winded here).

IMG_9176 IMG_9178

and now… WA WA WAAAAAAA! (drama). (2016)

IMG_0146 IMG_0144 IMG_0149 IMG_0148

I’d like to thank my family for their love and hateful support, my sister for the times when I told her to take my picture and my hair stylist Olivia at Max the Salon in Upper Arlington.

and HEEERRREEEEE is a video ๐Ÿ˜‰

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