I’m all about learning new things. I’m also all about binge-watching Netflix so documentaries are my go-to. Netflix has a lot to choose from so I picked my favorites for you (pls watch them).

1. The True Cost


“In order to keep the price of clothing down, workers around the world wind up playing with their lives”

Why I liked it: It gave me the chance to see the people behind the clothes I buy. This multi-billion dollar industry is costing people their lives and we, the people who buy these clothes, don’t understand the hard labor behind the stitch. I believe if we all sat down to watch this documentary we could change the fast fashion industry.

Watch if you like: fashion, clothing industry, learning more about where your clothes come from, social change.

Click here to learn more about the true cost behind your clothing. It may change the way you shop.


2. Jiro Dreams of Sushi


“It’s an art that requires continual perfection. This chef’s mastery is legendary. Savor perfection in one bite.”

Why I liked it: It showed how hard-working Jiro, the main character in the documentary, is and how valued he is in his community and with his family. I wish to be as hard-working and respected as he is (he is so cool).

Watch if you like: Japanese culture, sushi, food, family values.


3. Iris


“She’s flamboyant, opinionated and 93 years old. And this fashion icon still has an outsize impact on the world of fashion.”

Why I liked it: Iris was an absolute hoot to watch. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her and she goes by her own rules. I only wish to be half as happy and confident as she is when I’m 93 (fingers crossed).

Watch if you like: a good laugh, fashion tips, fashion in general, fashion icons, personal lifestyles, relationships, bad-ass old people.


4. World War II in Colour

“Colour footage of World War II changes our perception of catastrophe. Prepared to be shocked — and moved.”

Why I liked it: It taught me parts of history that I had forgotten or hadn’t known about. It filled in the blanks and broadened my knowledge of World War II.

Watch if you like: historical documentaries, historical dramas, uncovering facts.


5. More Than Honey


“They help us in more ways than we know. But these industrious insects are disappearing right under our noses.”

Why I liked it: It taught me about the dwindling bee population, the farming companies behind them, and how bees are “more than honey.” We underestimate the care, transport, and liveliness of bees (and this documentary taught me all of that, and more).

Watch if you like: environmental change, science and nature, international documentaries, queen bees (get it?)

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