The Tart Peach blog turned rad small lipstick biz is one year old (YAY! WOOHOO!).

Last year my boyfriend Dave bought me a do-it-yourself lip balm kit for my 22nd birthday. We started mixing, melting, and experimenting that night. With my general love of lipstick, a lot of trail and error (AAA-lot), and support from my fam + David, The Tart Peach Lipstick has grown into a dope side hustle.

Last August I started selling a few colors of lipstick on my online Etsy page. I started with a 4 cavity clay mold that only yielded 1 or 2 lipsticks every go around. After plenty of failures, I decided to upgrade to an all-aluminum 12 cavity lipstick mold.

Since then, I’ve added over 13 more colors, had over 200 online sales, and sell wholesale in Utah, Indiana, California, and a few stores here in Ohio.

I’ve talked on a podcast about The Tart Peach lippies and have a mini-documentary/interview, too! (Listen below).

click here < podcast

click here < video

All of this success was because of YOU! All of my friends and family who bought my lipstick – thank you thank you.

Here is a year’s worth of lipstick photos, starting from the beginning.


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