When I first created The Tart Peach Blog I set out with a passion to write about travel, beauty, and whatever else came to mind. I also came up with a short, cute, backstory that described a tart peach. You’ll find that below.

The Tart Peach Lipstick, now, has also become my passion. Taking my blog’s namesake, I dove into cosmetic chemistry. Whether you read my blog posts or wear my lipstick, I hope you’re having a good time!


Imagine… you’re walking down a winding path and come across a massive tree full of peaches. You scour the tree looking for the ripest peach. You finally come across one and become so overwhelmingly ecstatic you bite into it. Your teeth scrape against a hard and unappetizing texture, and in sadness, you look at the peach and blame it.

But, why blame the peach? You plucked it down at its most vulnerable time. Although it may have looked ready, on the inside it was still ripening.

You chuck the peach away and continue looking for a new one, completely disregarding the first.

So, the tart peach just sits there, uneaten and sad on the orchard floor. The tart peach was forgotten and tossed away,

For some, when handed a tart peach, they chuck it away. It didn’t taste good, it had a horrid texture, it had no flavor. But, you didn’t give it time to develop – you jumped in and took a bite expecting it to be delicious. But, it wasn’t.

It takes time to become a ripened peach– but, being tart has its treasures, too.

2 thoughts on “About The Blog

  1. I absolutely love your blog! What an awesome platform! Also, totally obsessed with all of your haircuts in your “about me”. You WORK that short hair!

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