One Year of Handmade Lipstick

The Tart Peach blog turned rad small lipstick biz is one year old (YAY! WOOHOO!).

Last year my boyfriend Dave bought me a do-it-yourself lip balm kit for my 22nd birthday. We started mixing, melting, and experimenting that night. With my general love of lipstick, a lot of trail and error (AAA-lot), and support from my fam + David, The Tart Peach Lipstick has grown into a dope side hustle.

Last August I started selling a few colors of lipstick on my online Etsy page. I started with a 4 cavity clay mold that only yielded 1 or 2 lipsticks every go around. After plenty of failures, I decided to upgrade to an all-aluminum 12 cavity lipstick mold.

Since then, I’ve added over 13 more colors, had over 200 online sales, and sell wholesale in Utah, Indiana, California, and a few stores here in Ohio.

I’ve talked on a podcast about The Tart Peach lippies and have a mini-documentary/interview, too! (Listen below).

click here < podcast

click here < video

All of this success was because of YOU! All of my friends and family who bought my lipstick – thank you thank you.

Here is a year’s worth of lipstick photos, starting from the beginning.


Toronto Travel


This past weekend David and I traveled to Toronto, Canada (the capital of the province Ontario). Neither of us had visited Canada before and were pretty ~stoked~ to see what there was.

My first impression – people are SO nice. And, Toronto is very metropolitan. Yes, they do say Eh and aBOUt.

We visited the Art Gallery of Ontario where we saw their current exhibit “Mystical Landscapes.” It was ~mystical~ and I love Van Gogh.

We perused China Town and Kensington Market, and gawked at Graffiti Alley (the only place in Toronto to legally spray-paint).

Here are some pics to sum up our rad weekend.

We finished off our trip with a wonderful brunch from Bonjour Brioche – it was super yummy. Canadian bacon gives you way more bang for your buck compared to American bacoooon.

If you can make it up to Toronto, we would highly recommend it. Canadians are friendly and the city is poppin’.

Must-See Netflix Documentaries

I’m all about learning new things. I’m also all about binge-watching Netflix so documentaries are my go-to. Netflix has a lot to choose from so I picked my favorites for you (pls watch them).

1. The True Cost


“In order to keep the price of clothing down, workers around the world wind up playing with their lives”

Why I liked it: It gave me the chance to see the people behind the clothes I buy. This multi-billion dollar industry is costing people their lives and we, the people who buy these clothes, don’t understand the hard labor behind the stitch. I believe if we all sat down to watch this documentary we could change the fast fashion industry.

Watch if you like: fashion, clothing industry, learning more about where your clothes come from, social change.

Click here to learn more about the true cost behind your clothing. It may change the way you shop.


2. Jiro Dreams of Sushi


“It’s an art that requires continual perfection. This chef’s mastery is legendary. Savor perfection in one bite.”

Why I liked it: It showed how hard-working Jiro, the main character in the documentary, is and how valued he is in his community and with his family. I wish to be as hard-working and respected as he is (he is so cool).

Watch if you like: Japanese culture, sushi, food, family values.


3. Iris


“She’s flamboyant, opinionated and 93 years old. And this fashion icon still has an outsize impact on the world of fashion.”

Why I liked it: Iris was an absolute hoot to watch. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her and she goes by her own rules. I only wish to be half as happy and confident as she is when I’m 93 (fingers crossed).

Watch if you like: a good laugh, fashion tips, fashion in general, fashion icons, personal lifestyles, relationships, bad-ass old people.


4. World War II in Colour

“Colour footage of World War II changes our perception of catastrophe. Prepared to be shocked — and moved.”

Why I liked it: It taught me parts of history that I had forgotten or hadn’t known about. It filled in the blanks and broadened my knowledge of World War II.

Watch if you like: historical documentaries, historical dramas, uncovering facts.


5. More Than Honey


“They help us in more ways than we know. But these industrious insects are disappearing right under our noses.”

Why I liked it: It taught me about the dwindling bee population, the farming companies behind them, and how bees are “more than honey.” We underestimate the care, transport, and liveliness of bees (and this documentary taught me all of that, and more).

Watch if you like: environmental change, science and nature, international documentaries, queen bees (get it?)

Things I’ve learned as a 21-year-old, to do and not to do

My birthday is looming, peaking, and luring around the next corner and I’m feeling 22. (yes, Tswift, I feel you).

IMG_8784As a funny gift to myself I thought I would compile a list of things that I once thought were uncool.

Here are things I’ve learned over my last 21 years of living that I thought were so ~faux pas~ to go against.

  1. You don’t have to wash your jeans after one wear. If you don’t stink it up, you can re-wear and re-wear to your heart’s content.
  2.  You can re-wear your pajamas. (If you don’t sweat like a beast in your sleep).
  3. Leftovers are OKAY. Actually, they’re the best. When my mom said we were having “leftovers” I knew it was going to be a bad night. Now, I live for leftovers.
  4. Chores are soothing. I love to vacuum now. Those vacuum lines? Hot.
  5. Glasses are cool. Well, the right pair anyway. Tell that to my 11 year-old self and you’ll get an eye roll. Am I right mom?
  6. Natural hair is ~sweet~ and you don’t have to straighten it. Or curl it. Live and let live, amiright?
  7. Dress according to what you find attractive, not what others are wearing.
  8. Lipstick isn’t just for old people. It’s all the rage now!
  9. Being right isn’t always important. Sure, I MAY be right… but, it’s called compromise. 😉
  10. Education, and the right to it, isn’t a chore but a privilege. When I was in middle school I took for granted the brilliant education I was given. Now, looking back on it, I am extremely appreciative of all the people who have helped me succeed both academically and personally.

Would you add anything to this list? What was the 10 year-old you like?

Senior Recital and the End of College


Sorry I haven’t seen your eyes in awhile. It’s been pretty busy over here on my end. I’m approaching the end of my college career and just finished my senior voice recital.

Since my last post (in December) my hair has faded from it’s pink hue, I’ve traveled with my University Chapel Choir to perform at Carnegie Hall, and I’ve been pondering what to do with my life as this chapter comes to a close.

Bittersweet, sure. But, it was a lot of hard work, sweat and tears (literally). After I finished my recital last night, I realized that this chapter of my vocal journey has come to a close. After training with my vocal professor, Elise, for 6 years of my life it’s hard to see what I’ll be doing every Wednesday at 3:00p.m. anymore. But, I think I have a lot to look forward to.

To answer your question, “What are you going to do with a Bachelors in Music?” well, I’m uncertain. I think that’s okay, too. If I was so certain about what I was going to do, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to fail, to fumble, to search, and to enjoy the “being lost” part of my 20s. I’m okay with that.

I would like to still dream of becoming a Creative Director of a Museum abroad while working in a café on weekends and singing at jazz bars at night. A girl can dream, right?

To all my fellow up-and-coming graduates, let’s go change the world. The world needs our bright, creative minds and LET’S GIVE IT TO THEM. Who cares if we don’t have money… right? We can make it… sooner or later. Let’s not get bogged down about finances, instead, let’s get excited about all the places we could go.

Here are some pictures of my New York Trip and Senior Recital. LOVE YOU.


My senior Recital was March 22 @ 6:30pm. There should be a video up of the show soon, and I will BE SURE to post it to this page and any/all social media. If you came, I LOVE you… and if you didn’t… well, sit back, relax with a glass of wine and make sure to watch the YouTube video 😉


5 Ways To Help Your Anxiety

1. Stop and breathe; get an app.

There are apps to help you practice mindful meditation and breathing. If you have a smart phone, you have the ability to find apps that will help you be more mindful and, through practice, ease your anxiety.

Try the FREE apps… Breathe or PTSD Coach or SAM

or ones that cost a little extra… Headspace or iCBT

2. Try talking to someone…online. offers free online counseling for anyone feeling anxious, in doubt, depressed or all of the above. I am both a member and a listener and have found it helpful to talk to someone. Just having them listen, no matter what the problem, is uplifting.

3. Read. Realize you are not alone.

I recently found this article titled “25 Stories of Panic Attacks and Living with Anxiety

4. Gather books and research self-help guides.

Look at, “Hope and Help For Your Nerves” by Claire Weeks for a more logical approach to understanding anxiety.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, buy the workbook,”The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety” by John P. Forsyth and Georg H. Eifert.

5. Look for a therapist in your area.

There are easy ways to find a therapist in your area; look at the Psychology Today Database.. all you have to do is type in your City name or Zipcode!

What To Do in Columbus For The Last Month of Summer

August is coming.

Maybe you’re like OH SWEET JESUS SUMMER IS ALREADY OVER? Or maybe you’ve traveled, seen the world and worked your ass off. Or, if you’re like me, you just want to get out there and do something. So, here is a quick summary of events that I think are pretty rad and should be well attended. (disclaimer: some events are 21+, sorry).

1. Cosi After Dark- Brewing and Distilling — August 6, 2015 — 21+

No kids here; but, you can sure act like one. $14 Advance and $16 at the door.

2. Ohio State Fair — July 29 through August 9, 2015

The fair has started and that means greasy fries and deep fried cookie dough. Just go and demolish your artieres for the day. Yum.

3. Wex Drive-In Outdoor Movie Series: Cry-Baby — August 13, 2015

This movie is hilarious and stupid but quite brilliant. Bring blankets, an empty stomach and an empty heart for the sad/hilarious thrill of an outdoor movie and the yumminess of Mikey’s Late Night Slice, Popcorn and beer.

4. 40th Annual All-Ohio Balloon Fest — August 13 through 15, 2015

LeAnn Rimes will be there. Will you?

5. Idina Menzel World Tour — August 19, 2015

Witches, Frozen wastelands, large-extreme belting: Idina Menzel.  A little pricey.. but you get what you pay to see… right?

6. Craft Brew at the Zoo — August 21, 2015 — 21+

Beer. Animals. People. People animals? General Admission: $25  BUT… if you plan on being the sober driver: $15 #responsible …

7. BalletMet at Rhythm on the River — August 28, 2015

FREE. FREE. go. They also have earlier shows as well! Check em’ out.

SAS #10: Zoë’s Cafe and Vinyls

Hi, my peaches!

This SAS I got to try my taste buds on Bexley’s new Zoë cafe. Their known for their “life cuisine”. My initial impression was a good one. I really like the atmosphere, it was very modern and open.

You look at the menu right when you walk in the door, order at the register and seat yourself. I thought this was really fast and convenient. I ordered the breakfast burrito with seasoned potatoes, a warm cup o’ joe and a fruit platter. We ordered around 12 noon on Saturday and got our food at 12:20pm (soooo, we didn’t wait too long at all).


The coffee was really very good and they had cute mugs with their logo on it.


Their website to check out their food is here…. … nom nom

After brunch, I went back to my home in Westerville and snuggled with my cats, watched some Korean drama, and bullied my little sister into making me some tea (she didn’t mind 😉 )

Here is Jupiter! JupJup. And yup. He’s in the tub. Weirdo.


My friend Eddie and I also decided we wanted to snap a photo and enter it into Instagram’s weekly weekend hashtag project. They come up with a new hashtag every weekend, a premise for people to follow, and people snap a pic and hashtag it.

This weekend it was #WHPoutofplace. We decided to take a little piggy bank, Henrietta, and stick her between some shoes. Seems.. out of place, right?

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

As we hope it wins, it’s up against all of Instagram so our chances a skimmy skimmy.


Last, but certainly not least, my wonderful roommate Maura got me my very first vinyl and it was one of my favorite bands, The 1975. I honestly JAM out to them hard. core. Their vinyl is completely clear and I think that in itself is totally rad. If you haven’t listened to The 1975.. listen to The City, Robbers, Chocolate or Pressure by them.

Hope you had a SASsy weekend… How was your SAS?

Love, JP

2014 in Review

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (almost) 😉

2014 was a great year in my blogging life. I’d have to say… The Tart Peach is getting sweeter everyday 😉 WordPress prepared a 2014 annual report for my blog.. just click on the link below and look at what you’ve helped me achieve 🙂

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,400 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

And here are some of my favorite pictures taken this year… do you remember any of these posts?















fullsizerender-71  fullsizerender-2










Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset




Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Hope you all have a Happy New Year 🙂 See you on the flip side! 😉


Super Adventure Saturday 1 .. Start of something new

For my weekly blog post, I will be implementing the theme “Super Adventure Saturday” (SAS) in which I will blog about the cool happenings of my Saturday.

As my first SAS, I want to go back in blogging-time to June of this year.

This summer I posted an “Open Letter to Everyone about Summer” in which I asked people (adventure-enthusiasts) if they would join me in completing my summer bucket list. Found here:

While I didn’t complete all the things on my list, I did complete a few that made my Summer.

1. Columbus Food Adventures. I didn’t go during the Summer…but I am going this November. My Aunt Cathy and I are participating in the Breakfast Tour (and I’m super pumped).

2. Canoeing or kayaking.  I had the ultimate pleasure of going canoeing with my good friend Jennifer St. John and her two adorable children. We went to Mohican Adventures in Loudonville on a perfect day.



3. Volunteering. While I didn’t volunteer during the summer, I am volunteering in a couple weeks for WOSU public media (pledge-a-thon!) If you want to volunteer with me/help out I believe they’re still looking for volunteers.

4. Food Truck Festival. I went to this with my Aunt Cathy and we ate a. bunch. of food. It was yummy- but it was also packed. I would recommend going next year if you have the chance. The lines are long, but the food is worth it.

5. Biking/Bike Shopping. I BOUGHT A BIKE! And I wrote a whole blog post on it.. here…  It was a really great purchase for the summer and I bike to school and for leisure.                                             IMG_8706


Next weekend I will be posting something more Super Adventure-y that will be worthy of a Saturday (SASsy) post.

See you on the flip side! -Jor